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I've created a series of custom graphics, largely focussed on military history topics.


Plus, I have also done custom image creations (mostly stitched consim map images), custom graphic modifications, as well as photography.

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The only disclaimer here is that I have not collated all of my books yet, it is an ongoing project, however it does provide an idea of what there is.


Well mostly consims, that is... I believe that my collection says a lot about who I am.

Computer based titles

I have to say that I spend the vast majority of my time playing simulations that are basically tabletop/miniature simulations, in style, detail, presentation, & complexity.

History Design Centre/Center

Under Redevelopment; redefined and more focused.

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Scenario Design Center -if you came here using the url: -best bet would be to try Archive.Org*

Interested in "the history of the thing"?

Check out Archive.Org's collection of my prior work.


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